Scott Myers

Scott is a 5th generation Californian. Born in Ventura, CA, he attended San Diego State Univ and has been in the aviation insurance business since 1979. Starting as an underwriter for what is now Global Aerospace in Los Angeles, he worked for a number of underwriters before switching to the brokerage side in 1992.
Scott is a Private, Instrument Rated Pilot and enjoys performing the "Corporate Pilot" role in the company Piper Comanche.

Denise Porter

Denise was born in Sacramento, CA, and is also a 5th generation Californian.  She started her aviation insurance career in an agency in Seattle in 1985 and worked as a broker in San Francisco and San Diego before starting Aviation West with Scott in 2004.  She and Scott have been married since 1994 and now live and work in Vista, CA.  They have 2 grown sons.
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